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Buy Blue Dream Hash, Great for Pain, Stress and Insomnia.  Good relaxing, Blue Dream will keep you sharp and feeling great. This classic Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is rendered into an almost perfect consistency of hashish—while it is a granulated formation of hash, the “grains” of hash are round, full, and sticky, making this hash incredibly malleable and easy to place onto either a metal screen within a bowl to smoke on its own, or to roll into a “hash worm” to place inside a joint. It additionally works wonderfully as a “topper” sprinkled onto one’s bowl of flower in order to pack an extra punch into one’s medicine.




Product Description

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Buy Blue Dream Hash,The legendary Blue Dream strain has celebrity status all over the West Coast and beyond. This California baby is the love child of Blueberry (indica) and Haze (sativa). Although typically a sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream has many phenotype variations.

Therapeutic Benefits

Buy Blue Dream Hash, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for providing daily pain relief while still allowing for decent cognitive function. It is often used to treat stress, dull pain and depression.


Buy Blue Dream Hash, This hash looks like an exotic spice. Flecks of saffron and turmeric hues create a beautiful powder that sprinkles effortlessly on top of a nice bowl or rolled into a joint.


Buy Blue Dream Hash, Due to the fine powdery matrix of this product, getting close for a whiff might not be the best idea. From afar there isn’t a very strong odor, but once it burns, a slight herbal scent permeates.


Buy Blue Dream Hash, a thick white smoke manifests almost instantly, making the inhalation harsher than smoking the flower. The flavor is not as sweet and fruity as the flower; earthy and piney notes are more dominant, though pleasantly mild.


Buy Blue Dream Hash, This hash delivers a cerebral jolt while leaving the body total relaxed. Due to the highly present terpene alpha-pinene, this strain executes its job flawlessly, often producing total mental clarity and relaxed muscles.