G Pen GIO vape cart

The amount of time your G Pen Gio Pods last will depend on the frequency you consume. For vapers who take a puff semi-regularly, expect the pods to last about a week with consistent use. If you save it for special occasions or only use it when you need to be discreet, it’s possible for a pod to last several months.


Product Description

After a couple years of behind-the-scenes engineering, Grenco Science and its signature product, the G Pen, released a new and completely different product, the G Pen Gio, a liquid concentrate oil vaporizer that uses custom pods unique to the device rather than traditional 510 threaded battery cartridges.

The Gio oil vaporizer is often compared to the Pax Era because both products use proprietary cartridges unique to the device, but what really sets Gio and Era apar compared to tradicional 510 oil vaporizerst is the fully enclosed system that leaves no exposed glass when the device is in use, so you don’t have to worry about shattering a tube of liquid gold. In terms of portability and discretion, the style of the Gio is hard to beat.

As of right now, Gio pods are only made by concentrate manufacturers who have partnered with G Pen to fill empty pods with their premium oil blends. If you’re located in California, Colorado, Nevada, or Oregon, you’re in luck. If you’re outside of these states and really want a Gio and some pods, some travel may be in your future as they’ve been slow to roll out products in other states. However, as more states begin to legalize cannabis and more connoisseurs discover the quality of a G Pen Gio, it’s likely that your state will have them available soon.

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