Product Description


The late, great Nipsey Hussle continues to bless the world with his entrepreneurial spirit even in the afterlife. This Friday, October 18th, at 8 am, Nipsey Hussle’s cannabis brand will be presenting California’s legal cannabis market with the follow-up to their Marathon OG strain, “Napoleon.”

They’ll initially be doing a limited drop of their new second strain. Nip’s brand will be at the grand opening of Dr. Green Thumb’s in Los Angeles Friday morning to debut this mysterious Napoleon strain. The Instagram post features a sleek, black Mylar bag that’s waving the TMC flag at the top and pictures a French dessert with a snowy layer of powdered sugar. It’s still unclear what this cannabis looks like, or its genetic origins. An Instagram account has also come out of nowhere under the name @themarathoncannabis, but it has no posts.